2. Tablet, you are an extreme smudge magnet, but I love you


  4. zillyh00:

    fact: its really nice and sunny out!!! and if it’s not sunny wherever you live, the fog will prevent u from being sunburned, the rain gives food to the flowers, and snow means hot cocoa!!!

    Why does this remind me of Wander???

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  5. zombres:

    john carpenter’s vampires

    As one grows old, as death approaches, we begin to question… our faith. And I found mine lacking. "Is there a God? Is there a heaven?" I can no longer answer this for certain. I’ve witnessed no miracles, had no visions, and the prospect of death terrifies me. I’ve realized I’ve only one… alternative, and I made a bargain. With the devil if you wish.

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  7. undeadibeard:

    It’s october so we must once again draw battle lines between those who like candy corn and those who do not.

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